Like a Rorschach test, the bold and harmonious movements and dynamic brushstrokes are evolving into mysterious avatars and figures.
Having practiced and competed as a professional dancer, Tomek Sadurski conveys his understanding of bold body movements and conscious precision into his work. Throughout his projects with ballets and inspired by contemporary and neo-classical choreographers, he has developed a practice that brings together two of the most primal human expressions: dance and drawing. This process makes each of the paintings a unique recording of the artist gesture and body movement, revealing tensions between precision and immediacy.
In his new series FLOW, Tomek Sadurski explores the ethereal essence and subtleties of movements. Inspired by the scientific idea of indestructible energy he creates looping and corresponding compositions that reach beyond the format of the painting . Playing with contrast, pressure and rhythm, with an inch-perfect gesture, Tomek Sadurski reveals an elaborated surface not only in two but in three dimensions. Low saturated hues are harmoniously combined with raw black pigments adding complementary layers of perception to the canvas. The use of subtle colors, lures the viewer into a soothing and harmonious moments of wonder to pull their gaze in the next second into a dance with fearless brush strokes.
Based in LA and born in Poland, Tomek Sadurski started his artistic career in Berlin. The self-described draftsman & media artist investigates the properties of drawings, engaging with raw spontaneity in his practice and natural motion. In his paintings, Sadurski plays with the perception of figurative patterns in abstract compositions that ally physics and transcendence.